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Does god really exist

Does God really exist? The question of the existence of God is maybe one of the most frequently asked ones. Many people believe in the existence of God, while others do not. This blog post answers a couple of reasons why there is evidence to support the existence of an omnipotent being. A God who created our earth, the human race, and the whole reality.

Does god really exist and who created things?

Billions of stars make up the Milky Way galaxy. This galaxy in turn is only a speck of dust in the universe. There are billions of galaxies. These are numbers and masses, with which every thinking fails. Who may understand this? Therefore, someone had to create it.

Cosmological argument

Other arguments for the existence of God range from the cosmological argument, which argues that there must be a first cause for all things and therefore an eternal being who brought everything else into being.

Who has created these laws that everything circles and that matter became energy? Where does it come from that the sun has this energy? Without the sun no life on earth is possible. It gives light and warmth. The distance between the sun and earth is always the same. Without this necessary distance, there would be no human life on earth. The 23-degree inclination causes the seasons. Otherwise, we would have none of them. Seasons are beneficial for people's souls. Who created all this in its perfect form? This surely indicates that there must be a powerful creator behind it.

Few people have retained their sense of wonder in the age of information technology. Things have become self-evident. The technology of the 20th and 21st centuries does not impress us anymore. But these are only human "inventions". Electricity for example was not invented by man but merely found what existed already a long time ago. Why do all these and other things exist?

God's existence in the Universe

The existence of god can be inferred from the order and complexity of the universe. There is no way a natural event could have gathered all that complex energy into one place, every single atom in this room was put there as if some higher being had created it for us to enjoy.

The universe is a huge mystery, and we will never know everything about it - but there is one thing I am sure about: The Big Bang could be just an illusion. It may be is impossible to prove the existence of God 100 %, but there is no doubt that He created the universe. What matters is not how this world has started to exist, but rather why God has created it!

Does God really exist - the marvel of human beings

The human body consists of about 100 trillion individual cells and is a complex organism, with many systems working together. One of the most important systems is the respiratory and digestive systems. Oxygen is carried to the lungs and carbon dioxide is excreted from them. The digestive system is responsible for breaking down food so that nutrients can be absorbed by our bodies. It is also responsible for extracting water, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids from food sources. The necessary body temperature is always maintained at 37 degrees, no matter how cold or hot it is outside.

The eye, the ear, the tongue are highly complicated organs. They all serve a particular goal. Just as the human being is directed to a goal. Who made this miracle of the human body? Is this all coincidence? The answer should be clear. God exists and it is God who created it.

God's existence in the natural world

Who made the miracle of nature? The existence of god can also be inferred from the order of the world. We know from studying the world that there's a natural order to things and as we see it all around us. So do we find it in nature.

The bee needs the apple tree and the apple tree needs the bee. This symbiotic relationship produces honey and apples. Bee language and honeycomb constructions are absolute precision work and the best engineering. Who is telling them this?

The blade of grass of a daisy is much more complex than a computer. All the engineers in the world would not be able to create such a little blade of grass. The mysterious migration of birds is a phenomenon. They have no food in winter. How do birds know to go south for food in the fall?

These few examples are only one of the millions in nature. Things are not created out of themselves. Everything is well ordered and perfectly coordinated. Nature, plants, animals, and humans. Otherwise, life on earth would not work.

Religion vs Science

A human being is the perfect unity of physics and metaphysics. The spiritual world does not exist without a material basis, just as matter cannot be separated from spirit. The matter is an expression of the divine ideas in space and time.

We think that science does not agree with religion but they can both work together to help each other: spirituality should be seen as natural and it exists on this earth, alongside knowledge of physics. The spiritual world cannot exist without its material basis just as matter cannot be separated from spirit. The matter is an expression of divine ideas in space-time.

Why do human beings have a conscience?

A good conscience, bad conscience, where does it come from? The conscience is the center of human life. It is what distinguishes us from animals and makes us different in our society as humans.

Conscience is a moral compass that tells us when we are breaking moral and ethical standards. We can determine what is good or evil by listening to our conscience. This means that the guilt which one may feel after doing something bad will tell them they have done wrong. Human beings need their consciences in order for society to function properly. Because if everyone was able to do whatever they wanted without any regard whatsoever, chaos would ensue.

On the other hand, if we look at it from a religious point of view, God has created this conscience. This is because humans should distinguish between good and evil in order to know which behavior is necessary to live a good life.

Example how human's consciousness applies to God

One way I believe humans subconsciously apply God's existence is through self-reflection. This occurs during periods when an individual feels intensely connected with themselves and everything around them - usually experienced as blissful moments where the individual feels at peace and in tune with themselves.

"I'm sorry for what I've done wrong." (after hurting somebody's feelings). These types of thoughts affirm our inherent goodness or the fact that we can be better than how we have been. They're also an indication from within to not repeat those things again in order to maintain this feeling of being good. Which is connected to God's existence because it reflects his love since he is the source of it. This type of self-reflection helps people stay humble about their own power as well as remember where they came from when tempted by bad behavior.

Theological arguments

The philosopher Thomas Aquinas proposed five "proofs" of God's existence. One is a teleological argument, i.e., an argument from design. He argued in his "Summa Theologica" that something could not come into being randomly or by chance without divine causation because matter just sits there inertly and ineffectively. Therefore, some intelligence must have acted to organize things for a purposeful end result, namely life. This intelligence is the idea of God.

This article explores Aquinas's five proofs of God’s existence.

Concept of God

The concept of God is not a new or modern idea. In the history of Western civilization, God has been an ever-present and often dominant figure in every facet of human life from philosophy to medicine. The development of Christian theology began with Judaism.  It grew out of polytheism and animism where many gods were widely accepted as having power over certain aspects such as fertility, rain, war, etc. But these gods did not have any overarching authority that could be attributed to them being all-powerful and ruling everything in existence.

Belief in God - 10 benefits

The problem with that is, the more we deny God's existence, the less he will intervene in our lives and guide us to his truth. We should not wait for him to come knocking at our door but instead try to find him. This way there is no room for any doubt about his existence.

A belief in God has a lot of benefits for mankind, society, and every single person. Here are a few examples:

  1. Souls are at inner peace, there will be peace and tranquility.
  2. You will be closer with your family because you'll have a stronger relationship and respect for each other.
  3.  Freedom from the caste or slavery system.
  4. Human dignity and respect are valued equally among all people.
  5. Harmony between man and woman; unity in diversity.
  6. Diversity becomes celebrated rather than a source of division.
  7. People have less anxiety or depression.
  8. Godliness leads to a better society, life expectancy is greater.
  9. You won't fear death because Jesus has conquered it for us.
  10. Your soul can live forever in heaven with him. One of the most precious promises we can receive from God is eternal life.


The question "does God really exist" and the existence of god can be inferred from the order in every little thing we do in our lives. All of us have a natural order and when there's good order, the world is peaceful. The existence of god can be inferred from the way every living thing on earth has some kind of self-perpetuating system that keeps them alive. If the universe is in order, it's because someone put the atoms in their places. If things are in order, it's because someone made them that way. The evidence for God is all around us and there can be no denying his existence.

Whether we like it or not, God exists and has always existed because he created everything including our minds and thoughts. The brain houses memories, emotions, feelings - all types of information which could never come into being without god's existence. To believe in God, we must also believe in the truth that he created everything and that nothing came by chance.

Who looks exactly must recognize:

The whole creation is a unique miracle work of God!

"And God saw that it was good."

Gen 1:8

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