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Why prayer is important

What is most likely the most important thing in this world? A lot of people would say that it's happiness. But what if I told you that there is something more important than happiness? Prayer. Prayer is one of the most powerful things that we can do. While many people see it as a waste of time, prayer has been shown to have some very beneficial effects. It has been a part of human life for centuries, and it continues to play an important role in our lives today. In this blog post, we will discuss why praying is important. How you can benefit and how you can incorporate prayer into your everyday routine.

Reasons for Prayer

Why should prayer be so important? Here are three reasons why: prayers are a great way to show appreciation and gratitude for all the good things you have in your life. As well as help those who need it most in their time of hardship. Last but not least, it is a way to build an intimate relationship with God the Father and Jesus.

Why prayer is important?

Praying is a blessed activity of every human being. It creates contact of the soul with God. Praying is the humble, grateful acknowledgment of His infinite beingness and holiness. Is childlike loving speaking with God the Father. It is resting and being secure in His Fatherly love. Praying thus becomes the deepest and most beautiful activity of a human being. Finally, praying is important because it's an act of obedience. He who knows how to pray properly also knows how to live properly. Today is more important than ever. 

"Only those who pray can still succeed."

Prayer is a way to communicate with God. The person praying is talking to God. It is a personal act of worship and love that we make to God. Through prayer, we are able to build a relationship with Jesus. Besides, it's an expression of our deepest feelings, thoughts, desires, needs, and concerns for others. In the following, we will explore why it is necessary to pray in Jesus' name every day.

The Power of Prayer

Anytime you want to experience God’s presence, prayer is something that can bring you closer. Praying means making use of God's power and the Holy Spirit to help you in your and other's life. The act of praying helps people stay grounded and centered when everything around them feels as though it's falling apart. It provides a sense of calmness no matter what else is happening in one’s life, his person will be able to have their faith.

Praying for the dead e.g. not only means entrusting them with Faith to the Lord’s mercy. It is a powerful act of love towards God and the person you are praying for, even when they are no longer alive. Through prayers, we meditate on the Mindfulness of Death and the promise of Eternal Life signed by Jesus Christ our Lord.

What prayer can do

Prayer has been shown to have many positive benefits. The most obvious benefit from praying comes when you ask for something or someone else does so through your prayers.  This can be something they really need help with now and which could be answered with your heartfelt requests. For example, if you have a person who has cancer. However, prayer is not just a physical or material act, but foremost a spiritual one. In the following, we will talk about some of the great benefits.

Prayer is a way to be closer to God

The simplest and surest means of approaching God is through prayer. Prayer is the elevation of the heart to God. Prayer helps us feel closer to God. It creates a closer relationship with God, which causes them to be kinder towards us. And understand what is really important in our life. When God calls us, we feel guilty and ashamed of our sins, but through humble prayer, Jesus forgives us. Praying strengthens our relationship with God. Make Jesus your best friend in your life while talking to him!

Prayer is the key to a more satisfying life

Praying helps with stress and other mental health issues. Being mindful in prayer can help reduce stress. It can have positive mental health outcomes, including less anxiety and depression. Which are things that most people struggle with. Other Benefits of praying are a higher quality of living. Better physical health. More success in personal relationships.

Prayer helps us connect with other believers in our community

Prayer helps us feel more connected with our community and the world around us. When you pray with Christians, you feel united with them on the same journey of faith. By reminding us that there is someone else out there who cares for you. Praying helps people find meaning in their lives and strengthens relationships with others.

Prayers give hope

Prayer can make one feel better and more hopeful and joyful. Especially when a person is down because it allows people to talk about their thoughts and feelings with a trusted individual, which should be the Lord Jesus. He has sent us the Holy Spirit as a comforter during his absence. Especially for difficult situations. Therefore, never despair but call upon the Holy Spirit and He will help you!

Praying helps the people around us

Praying for someone else also provides comfort when they're going through hard times or grieving. Including our family members, friends, and neighbors. Praying for others helps them know they are cared about by other people too. It helps them feel loved.

Forms of Prayer

There are different types of prayer possible. Propitiatory (asking forgiveness), reintegrating into society (i.e., asking for spiritual help), and purification (i.e., petitioning for deliverance from sin). Other forms of prayer are petitionary, imperative, and laudatory.

The Rhythm of a Prayer

Prayer is referred to not only in the Bible, e.g. when Jesus taught us the "Our Father". The Holy Spirit always gives new stimulation to His own. He has communicated many precious prayers throughout the centuries, like prayers of the Holy Church and numerous private prayers written by saints.

If all these prayers were to be collected in one book, it would be a huge volume. We can therefore only make a modest selection here. They are almost all understood by the Catholic Church with indulgences. Mostly partial indulgences, which give light and comfort to the poor souls. Therefore, from the very beginning, you may ask to make the opinion of wanting to gain all these indulgences.

These prayers contain the only valid rhythm:

first adoration,

then thanksgiving,

then petition. 

It's important to mention prayer doesn't have to be perfect. Following your heart, and doing the best you can is much more important. However, pre-written prayers help to find and keep the inspiration and originality in prayer.

How to pray

The best prayer book always remains in our own hearts. In the heart is the chamber of which the Lord speaks, where we are to go when we pray. There he is closest to us through the Holy Spirit. Without whom we cannot even pronounce the name of Jesus.

When praying, always call upon the Holy Spirit!

He is the best motor of a good prayer. With Him and through Him, prayer never becomes a babbling and a thoughtless reading over, but an immersion in God Himself.

What is the best way to pray?

Be honest with God about how you feel. God knows everything you think and feel, so there is no point in hiding anything. When you ask for what you want, you must be completely honest about your thoughts and feelings. Honesty will open God's ears to your prayer.

Silent vs vocalization prayer

Similar to one-on-one communication, communicating with God through prayer can be both verbal and nonverbal. The form is dependent on the situation and individual preference. Mostly a silent prayer is prayed with your eyes closed. 

Rosary prayer in a group is mostly prayed vocally while rosary prayer alone is mostly prayed silently.

No matter what form is used, prayers should be done with sincerity and love because, in the end, that’s what really matters. It is an act that should be done with love - not just for show or as a chore.

Which prayer is the most powerful?

There are many different ways to pray, but one of the most popular methods is by using rosary beads. The rosary is a very powerful praying tool. Prayed on a regular basis and devotionally can cause great things.

Prayer is the most powerful when it is said pleadingly. When you call out to God with a broken heart and deep from your soul. When you entrust everything to Him and ask for His help in the most difficult of times, it is most effective!

What prayer do you say before eating?

"O God, from whom we have everything, we praise you for your gifts. You feed us because you love us. Therefore, please bless also what you give us. Thank you for the food and drink. Please bless all who were involved. Praise be to Jesus Christ. Forever and ever. Amen."

A Prayer life

As said before, praying is one of the most powerful activities of a human being. Prayer is the first essential of a good life. Therefore, living by god's word and talking to Him is a healing force in our lives. A prayer life is a life rich in God's word, relationship with Him, and full of Grace.

Pray about everything from your work troubles to everyday problems so that you know what steps need taking in order for you to grow spiritually. However, be aware: don't just pray when you need something. God is not like a bank card where you can withdraw money whenever you need it!

If praying seems hard at first or if other people discourage it from happening, remember how much power there is behind those prayers because they go straight from Heaven! Remembering all these benefits will help motivate you into starting a prayer life today!


Prayer is a powerful way to grow closer to God and find hope. When you’re feeling down, discouraged, or just need some help in your life, pray. Prayers can give us the courage and hope when we are afraid. They can strengthen our resolve when it feels like all odds are against us. They can make things happen that seem impossible with human power alone! The best way of praying is always calling upon the Holy Spirit for His strength and wisdom. If you want to start having a more satisfying prayer life today see what this post has said about how important prayers really are. Prayer changes live - yours included! So get started on building up your prayer time now and today!

God bless you.

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