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Bible prophecy

A lot of people have questions about biblical prophecy. Questions like, "What will happen to the world?" or "How do I prepare myself for the end times?" This article is going to cover a few of these common questions. It includes some basic information about Bible prophecy and then provides an overview of how the end times could unfold. Finally, it'll also provide some helpful tips on how we can all prepare for what's coming in this uncertain time period. Be sure to read all the way through so that you don't miss anything important!

What does the word prophecy mean?

"A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a deity." (Wikipedia).

Prophecy is the prediction of what will happen in the future - about people, places, or events. The prophecy may take place through dreams, visions, and other forms of communication with a deity who reveals knowledge to them. This, they could not otherwise know by natural means. The Catholic Church believes that prophecy is a gift from the Holy Spirit.  It's an ongoing process, which Christians are still living out.

Prophecy is the prediction of future events. The word prophecy means "to speak under divine inspiration." A prophecy represents always a divine will and intent. It is in this sense of prophecy that the word signifies a "message from God."

What is biblical prophecy?

We have learned that a prophecy is a message that comes from God. Prophecies are delivered and communicated by people who have been led by God's Spirit. Because of this divine gift, this person is able to have insights into the future. Therefore, a prophecy can be considered a source of holy revelation. It may help us see more clearly what lies ahead for our society if we pursue this path without repentance.

A prophecy is regarded as true if it comes to pass; false if not. The biblical prophecy is delivered in such a way that it will come true. The Bible contains prophecies written by prophets like Daniel and Isaiah. These prophecies could be considered "prophecy" because they were told before they happened.

How does prophecy work?

A prophecy is a form of divine communication by which one or more messages are conveyed directly from God to a human recipient. Prophecies are often apocalyptic in nature: they may predict the end of time or world events that will later come like wars. The prophecy can also be about a concrete event or situation, such as the prophecy that Christ will return to Earth during one's lifetime.

In contrast with divine revelation, prophecy is typically understood to convey messages from God without any conscious human effort on their part. The message may not always be easy for humans to understand and might require a traditional interpretation of prophecy in order to uncover meaning.

What does fulfilling prophecy mean?

The prophecy is fulfilled when the prophecy has been predicted or foretold to happen. For example, a prophecy might be that "the king will die". If this prophecy is then confirmed by saying he died from an assault on his heir, it can be said that the prophecy was fulfilled.

How do we know if a prophecy is true?

A prophecy may be classified as false or true, depending on whether it has come to pass when its time expires. A prophecy's truthfulness can also be judged by looking at how closely related it is to the prophecy's fulfillment. The prophecy must be fulfilled in order for it to be considered a true prophecy, otherwise, it may turn out false.

Now we know what prophecy means and what its fulfilled prophecy meaning, let us take this knowledge further into our understanding. In Christianity religion, the prophecy about Jesus, the Savior, has already been fulfilled with His incarnate life, work, and death on the cross as well as His ascension. In Judaism, the Messiah is still a promise and a prophecy still to be fulfilled. The Catholic Church teaches that prophecy is fulfilled in the person of Jesus.

Bible prophecy and biblical prophecies

The Bible is a book that has been translated and interpreted many times. Also, there are many different interpretations of the Bible's prophecies. One interpretation is that there will be three days of darkness before Jesus returns. Another interpretation says that the rapture will happen when Christians are taken up to heaven in order to escape the coming apocalypse. Yet another interpretation predicts an Armageddon-like battle between good and evil at Jerusalem, with Jesus returning afterward as King of all Kings.

Bible Prophecy in the Old Testament

In the Hebrew Bible Daniel prophesied the rise and fall of world empires, which has come true in prophecy. He was told by God to seal up his prophecy for the last days.

Daniel 9:27, which prophecy was fulfilled with Jesus' death on the cross.

Daniel 8:14, prophecy fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross.

Isaiah 53:12, prophecy of Christ's death and resurrection as fulfillment prophecy to come.

Psalm 83, prophecy about the destruction of Damascus.

Daniel 11, prophecy about the conquests of Alexander.

Ezekiel 38, prophecy about the invasion of Israel by Gog.

Ezekiel 39, prophecy fulfilled with Christ's return to Earth in glory.

Isaiah 13, prophecy about Babylon.

Isaiah 14, prophecy on the downfall and destruction of Lucifer, or Satan.

Zechariah 12, prophecy predicting that Jerusalem will be restored to Israel as a unified city in the latter days.

Daniel 11:27, prophecy forecasting Rome's future rule over Judea until Jesus came into this world.

Isaiah 17 prophecy about Damascus.

Isaiah 18 prophecy predicting the downfall and destruction of Egypt.

Daniel 11:20 prophecy foretelling Antiochus Epiphanes's attack on Jerusalem in 171 BC

Ezekiel 29 prophecy telling about Nebuchadnezzar’s

Bible prophecy in the New Testament 

Revelation is about the prophecy given by God to John, a follower of Jesus. It has been described as "a book about what will happen in the future."

The prophecy was said to be written down on scrolls and sealed with seven seals. After Christ's death, an angel tells him that he cannot open it until after his ascension into Heaven. The Seven Seals being opened during this time period (or up till now). The final seal is broken at the opening of Armageddon when Satan will be defeated finally. Once all seven seals are broken, then various catastrophes begin occurring one-by-one: wars, famines, plagues, and other disasters/judgments culminating in Earth's destruction. While those who remain faithful have been taken to Heaven.

This prophecy includes also the prophecy about Christ's second coming, the Antichrist and his reign. Armageddon (the final battle between good and evil), the Apocalypse (the end of time when Christ returns to Earth as King).

Which prophecy of Jesus can be found in the Bible?

The Old Testament prophets predicted the coming of Christ into this world and all that He would do. Jesus fulfilled prophecy by bringing about what was predicted in many prophecies, for example:

- Jesus' prophecy to His disciples (Luke 21:8)

- "The kings of the earth will be gathered together" (Joel 31).

- Isaiah's prophecy "all authority over heaven and earth has been given unto me."

- Christ fulfills prophecy when he says these words during his crucifixion. This is one such prophecy from Isaiah 44 which came true with Jesus on the cross, as he said they would come true.

The prophecy in the New Testament is that Christ will return to Earth and rule as King over all peoples. The prophecy will be fulfilled when Jesus returns to this world at his second coming.

What prophecy can we expect in these uncertain times?

What are some predictions we might see in these uncertain times and what does that mean for you as a believer or Christian? There are many signs that we may be living in the last days or near Jesus' return to Earth. Also called End-time. End-time does not mean the end of time but the end of this world as we know it so far. We can't know for sure when prophecy will fulfill in time, but we can take a look at the signs and see if they are telling us. It's important that you pay close attention to all prophecies because they are significant messages from God meant to guide us for the future.

If the prophecy is fulfilled, then it means that we may be living in the last days. But prophecy doesn't have to come true for us to know that God loves us and wants the best for our lives. He speaks through prophecy so that you can see what will most likely happen in order to prepare us when his Son does come back again.

There are prophecies that are so specific they may predict the end of time. False prophets often make predictions that do not come true. Because they lack knowledge from God's word and their prophecies cannot come true. So be careful and judge everything that is said by the discernment of spirits. Ask the Holy Spirit for this important gift. 


Prophecy is a term that can be used to describe predictions of the future. The word prophecy comes from the Greek language and means “to speak forth,” or foretell. Biblical prophecies are given by God through prophets who have been appointed for such purposes (1 Corinthians 12:28). There are many prophetic passages in both the Old Testament and New Testament of Scripture. Some biblical prophecies include Jesus' birth, death, resurrection, ascension into heaven after His earthly ministry was completed. Others include the return and his second coming (Matthew 24; Acts 1-2). It may be difficult to prevent some biblical prophesies from unfolding as predicted since they were written long ago before modern technology existed which could help combat them.

Unfortunately, there are many false prophets and prophecies out there. But when we look at the Bible's true prophecy in both the Old Testament and New Testament, it becomes clear that Jesus is coming back to earth again soon! So don't worry if you're feeling anxious or uncertain about what might be happening around us. Instead, pay close attention to biblical prophecies as they will provide hope for all of humanity and may give us insight into how God will move on our behalf. Hope you enjoyed reading. God bless you.

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