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God is good all the time

The Bible teaches that God is good all the time. This means He's always doing what is best for us and everyone else. The evidence of His goodness can be seen in many ways, such as people being born into families who care about them, a beautiful world to live in, and much more! In this blog post, we will explore pieces of evidence why god is good all the time!

What is the evidence of God's goodness?

How do you know that God is good all the time? How can we be sure that God is always doing what is best for us and everyone else? What are the reasons and shreds of evidence of god's goodness? First of all:

God is the Love

God is Love. He is THE Love. Love comes from God, therefore God is love and God is good. The Bible teaches that God is good all the time and he always does what's best for us. He has an agenda for our lives that will make us happy, healthy, and holy.

"No one has ever seen God, but if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is made complete in us." (John 14:12)

If God is all-powerful, then why doesn't he just create something perfect?

The answer is: God has given us a choice because it's his will for everyone to choose him and love him freely. He wants our relationship with Him to be a loving one - not forced or manipulated by any means!

If you want to know how wonderful God is - just look at yourself! You are a work of art created by him with all the unique qualities that make you the special person that you are!

God is good all the time to everyone?

Yes, God is good and loves everyone. He truly loves humans very much. However, cooperation and your own contribution are the keys to success.

"God helps those who realize they can’t help themselves." (Romans 8:1)

If you've done something wrong or neglected to do something that God wanted you to do - repent! God can forgive any sin as long as you ask for forgiveness and mean it from your heart. So don't feel too shy telling him all the bad things and your sins according to the ten commandments.

Repent and ask for forgiveness. Trust his mercy and grace!

What does it mean when God is good all the time?

God is just. He does what is right. He doesn't manipulate us or do anything to harm those who are innocent and need his help the most. God is good means He is the perfect example of love and goodness to everyone. Even when we are not deserving of his grace or mercy.

God is the ultimate Judge

The Lord is always there to help those who need it and listens when we're in deep trouble. But, he is the ultimate Judge who will one day strike down all wicked and bad people. God makes sure that justice never fails to be served for anyone, either good or bad.

That means he can't just let evil go unpunished. Which would make this world a very unfair place where weaklings are able to abuse others with no consequences whatsoever. Evil wouldn't mean anything anymore if God only punished crimes committed against him. His order has to be followed by everyone, or else the world would have no order at all.

The Kingdom of God

All the time God is good. Because he does what's right and doesn't harm those who are innocent. The Kingdom of God belongs to those who are good and innocent. It is clear that people can't enter heaven if they do not have a pure heart, and this purity starts with God forgiving their sins.

Heaven belongs to those who believe in Jesus Christ as the one true God and savior of humanity. All other religions will be rejected by him because he only wants us to follow him alone. The Lord died for our sins when we couldn't save ourselves from eternal damnation. So now it's time for all of mankind to repent before it's too late!

Who will enter heaven?

That's an interesting question a lot of people would like to know the answer to. So, who is saved? Everyone who believes! The Bible says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." In other words, everyone's invited to come to Christ. We're saved by faith in Jesus Christ. However, it is also important to live by his standards so that we can claim to be saved. Living by the standards means that one should believe in Jesus, repent of sins, and do good deeds.

God would not let bad people get away with what they have done. So if you were good enough and accept Jesus Christ as your god then you will be rewarded in heaven!

Can you go to heaven by faith alone?

No. Faith alone is a prerequisite but it is not enough. The Bible says that faith without works is dead. Some people believe that a person can be saved by faith alone or good deeds. But this is not correct according to the Bible. It's written that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ and not our own good deeds. Both of those needs to be met.

What about good people who don't believe in Jesus?

No one will enter heaven because of their religion or the number of good deeds they've accomplished if they reject Christ as Lord and Savior. By refusing to accept him into their hearts (John 14:21). In order for one to get into Heaven, they must have faith which means accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Can anyone enter heaven?

No, you can't because the Bible says that there is only one way to get into Heaven. It's through accepting Jesus and his father's commandments. There are many non-Christians who manage to live a life of great moral virtue. One day they will be judged by God, and they will be rewarded or punished according to how they lived their life. They may not get into Heaven straightforward but they will enter a place called Purgatory. In this location, souls are purified before entering heaven.


All the time God is good. Evidences of God's goodness is all around us. The world is not perfect, but it's good enough for now. God will show up with his love and kindness on the day when perfection arrives in full measure. Until then we just have to be confident that God is good all the time!

God does a lot of things you don't hear about because they are too hard or heartbreaking to talk about. He doesn't like pain or suffering either. So he moves people out of circumstances where there's no hope for anything better than what they already had before Jesus showed up in their life. But sometimes this isn't possible - like when someone has been sick for years and years, or when poverty has become so deep that it's hopeless for anyone to help. But even in those situations, God is still good all the time! He will not fix it maybe immediately but be sure he'll be there, or that he'll heal somebody else's hurting heart with his love.

A person and real Christian only get into Heaven by faith, good deeds, and through accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. God bless you.

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