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Third Step Prayer

The third step prayer is an integral part of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) twelve-step program. It is a recognition that the power of alcohol is greater than anyone individual and must therefore be surrendered to God. But what exactly does this prayer entail? Do you need to be a Christian or believe in God for it to work? Can anyone take the "third step prayer" and apply its principles in their life? In this post, we will explore these questions and many more.

The 12-step program for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

The twelve-step process for Alcoholics Anonymous is a Christian-based recovery by J.D. Power for addiction and alcoholism. It implores members to turn their will and lives over to God. Doing this offers hope to those who have lost it through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What is the third step prayer?

The 3rd step of Alcoholics Anonymous is about giving your will and life over to the Heavenly Father. This is an important step for anyone dealing with serious addiction problems in life. Especially when faced with addiction. This prayer is about having faith that we can change our ways only with the help of God. It's about turning to Him for strength, guidance, and protection in our lives.

Though you may not feel like it, you cannot solve addiction problems by yourself!

Therefore, it asks God to help us with our desire for healthy and happy lives. The 3rd step prayer is a practical way of receiving aid to combat any adversity while acknowledging we can't do it alone.

The first and second step

In the first step, we asked for forgiveness from outside and inside. It includes “God show me the person I need to forgive.” We have done a lot of work in this stage with the Lord forgiving us for our shortcomings. Through praying, we also learn how to extend this forgiveness outwardly into other people's lives as well.

The addict then shares their thoughts about what they're grateful for. It may be as simple as being alive (or having woken up) today or spending some time outdoors at a park. This approach embodies gratitude instead of focusing on negativity because this will engender feelings of relief rather than despair.

Third Step and 3rd Step Prayer

When you're ready to take the third step, it's important that your first and second steps have been completed. The prayer can be done individually or with others and goes as follows:

"God, I offer myself to You. To build with me and to do with me as You will. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Your will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Your Power, Your Love, and Your Way of life. May I do Your will always! Amen."

It can be continued to pray the following:

"My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that You now remove from me every single defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to You. I prayed only for knowledge of Your will for me and the power to carry it out. Then You gave me courage so that I might dare to do great things for your sake".

A person's third step can include many other activities besides praying. For example, reading from a particular work of scripture or lecturing on recovery topics. The idea is that you should use this third step time to really focus on God.

Addiction cannot be beaten alone!

Step three asks the Lord directly for help along with acknowledging oneself' shortcomings. However, also recognizing those strengths within them too. It acknowledges that you desire soberness (peace) from your addiction. While understanding that you need help. Because battling this all alone will only lead to increased suffering.

What are the third step promises in AA?

The promises are the thoughts and actions that one will rely on for immediate relief from obsession. These include both short-term goals, such as becoming sober or getting a job, but also long-term commitments to lifelong sobriety.

What does it mean when someone says they have "honestly" made their 3rd step?

When an individual has honestly completed the third step this means that he or she is now able to take responsibility for his addictive behaviors. This person is willing to combat the compulsion to drink alcohol (or engage in any other destructive behavior).  By turning life over fully to God's care through prayer and meditation. The person involved then sets out on a spiritual journey to cultivate the fruits of faith, hope, and abstinence.

Suggestions for third step prayers

Some suggested use of 3rd step prayer includes: read it at least once every day. Pray daily in the morning, noon, night. Three times each day - saying "My Creator". The first time you say "My Creator," pause before going onto the next line.

Some other tips to third step prayers: keep an AA Meeting List and do a "Third Step Prayer" when you can't attend any meetings. Pray to God every day at least once. Even if it's just ten seconds. Keep the third Step in mind as you work, play, study, etc.

Related Prayer

The serenity prayer is one of the most related prayers to the third step prayer. It is a way of asking for peace of mind and tranquility through meditation or contemplation.

This can be done at any moment when we are disturbed by our feelings, thoughts or circumstances around us. It is an acknowledgment that every human being has been born with abundant inherent worth. So they deserve love and respect from others as well as themselves regardless of their faults.


The third step prayer is the most important part of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s about giving your will and life over to the Heavenly Father. If you are struggling with addiction, know that you don't have to do it alone. The 3rd Step Prayer is about giving up control of yourself and life over to God. You can do this by simply talking with Him on a regular basis - whether in prayer or just conversation. We hope these tips are helpful as you continue down the path towards recovery from alcoholism! Search for the Lord in prayer, and He will help you. God bless you.

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